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These projects are already done. Don't hesitate to contact us. Together we can launch probably everything.
  • Deante


    Check out our animations and instructional video produced for Deante - polish company that specialises in production of armature and kitchen equipment.
  • Gimme' Sugar - Social Campaign

    Gimme' Sugar - Social Campaign

    Diabetes is a serious disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Although diabetes leads to hard complications there are many people that do not wven know they are sick. "Gimme Sugar" goal was to change it.
    Oddaj Cukier - Kampania Społeczna
  • Simple FX - Making the right decisions

    Simple FX - Making the right decisions

    If we're talking about the right decisions - one of them was starting cooperation with SimpleFX - internet trading platform. The result were a two commercials. Check them out below.
    Simple FX - Making the right decisions
  • JD 100%

    JD 100%

    Social Campaign against designer drugs
    JD 100%
  • University of Lodz 70th anniversary

    University of Lodz 70th anniversary

    70 years is quite a history - hundreds of events, thousands of students, and millions of memories. We gathered the most important and interesting ones, and presented them in our interactive exhibition.
    70 lat Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
  • Chocolate?


    The "This is not chocolate" social action is a grassroots initiative of our agency, regarding the problem of dog poos in the city. The action echoed through the press, TV and the Internet. It was also the subject of many radio programmes.
  • Made in Chicago Jazz Festival

    Made in Chicago Jazz Festival

    Made in Chicago is a jazz festival organized in Poznan. A group of talented gangsters, scary-looking guns, and bags of money is what we see as a recipe for promotional success.
    Made in Chicago Jazz Festiwal
  • Hamburg Triennale of Photography

    Hamburg Triennale of Photography

    Trienniale of Photography in Hamburg is a real bargain for photography enthusiasts. We were there, and what we've seen you can see in... this two-minute spot.
    Hamburg Triennale of Photography
  • Orange Warsaw Festival 2015

    Orange Warsaw Festival 2015

    Orange Warsaw Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Poland. We had a pleasure of producing a promotional spot based on our own script.
    Orange Warsaw Festival 2015
  • Piotr Guzial Election spots

    Piotr Guzial Election spots

    Surely, each of us has seen some flops during electoral campaigns. We wanted to prove that election spots can be substantive and creative at the same time. According to, it was "probably the best spot of the campaign”.
    Piotr Guział spoty wyborcze
  • Dada Impuls

    Dada Impuls

    Dada Impulse was a dadaists art exhibition at the Museum of Art in Lodz. Dada was quite a specific trend in arts, and so was our action. We changed ordinary objects into works of art.
    Dada Impuls
  • ART_Incubator


    Art Incubator is an institution supporting creative industries. Check out this revitalized space, learn about the history of this place and meet its residents.
  • Red Bull 111 Megawatt

    Red Bull 111 Megawatt

    Red Bull 111 Megawatt is one of the biggest extreme enduro events in the world. Before it got so big, we had gone there to check the track with an enduro legend - Taddy Błażusiak. Check the results in this two-minute spot.
    Red Bull 111 Megawatt


    For the City of Lodz, we designed and produced a promo folder in the form of a deck of cards. It presented the best festivals, academic and social initiatives, as well as famous people from Lodz.
  • Refresh your career

    Refresh your career

    "Refresh your career" for Infosys BPO in Lodz was directed to employees of competing companies. It's good when your employer provides cold beverages on a hot afternoon.
    Odśwież swoją karierę
  • Colors of Poland 2015

    Colors of Poland 2015

    "The Colors of Poland" is a summer initiative of the Philharmonic of Lodz. During the 16th edition of the Festival, we produced a coverage of 5 concerts and an animated promotional spot.
    Kolory Polski 2015
  • University of Lodz Prank video

    University of Lodz Prank video

    The Education Fair is the largest event for Polish universities - thousands of students, millions of gadgets, and billions of leaflets. Thanks to our action, wannabe students could take a look at the future and see the things that await them if they commit to the University of Lodz.
    Uniwersytet Łódzki Prank
  • Lodz - taste the best

    Lodz - taste the best

    The campaign "Lodz - taste the best" for the Lodz province promoted apples as a regional product from the Lodz region. A top class product, obviously.
    Łódzkie smakuje najlepiej!
  • I'll be in Lodz

    I'll be in Lodz

    "I'm in Lodz ..." is the slogan that can hardly be heard. What if it has been said by Picasso, Warhol, Kandinsky, or Klee? It's a clear sign that something’s going on... and during the "Correspondences" exhibition a lot of things happened.
    Będę w Łodzi
  • RPS - jude

    RPS - jude

    Anybody who visited Lodz at least once, must have seen hundreds of stars... the Stars of David that are usually accompanied by the acronyms of the football clubs from Lodz. We used that fact to promote a festival.
    RPS - jude
  • We give you a finger

    We give you a finger

    A finger is a symbol (and part of the body) with numerous possible meanings. Our self-promotion campaign added yet another one - we can do a lot with just one finger. Only God knows what we could do with the entire hand.
    Dajemy Ci Palec
  • Łódź Design Festival

    Łódź Design Festival

    Stickers are rarely perceived as full-scale marketing tools. This did not prevent our project for the Lodz Design Festival to reach the list of top ambient campaigns in Poland according to one of the most influential polish marketing bloggers - Natalia Hatalska.
    Łódź Design Festival