Made in Chicago Jazz Festival

Made in Chicago is a jazz festival organized in Poznan. A group of talented gangsters, scary-looking guns, and bags of money is what we see as a recipe for promotional success.

A team of actors dressed up as American gangsters traversed the streets of Poznan in a vintage Citroen C4 from the 1930s. In the city center, armed gangsters played with pedestrians and drivers, but instead of frightening, oppressing, and robbing them, they handed out special banknotes. Then, the gangsters visited the most popular restaurants, pubs and clubs. After entering the premises, they told the owners to mute the music,  pulled out their instruments, and started to play real Chicago Jazz. After a 5 minutes show and giving away hundreds of dollars (special limited edition leaflets), the gangsters headed on to the next spot where they attacked other nightlife enthusiasts with their music. 

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