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  • Lodz - taste the best

    Lodz - taste the best

    The campaign "Lodz - taste the best" for the Lodz province promoted apples as a regional product from the Lodz region. A top class product, obviously.
    Łódzkie smakuje najlepiej!
  • Refresh your career

    Refresh your career

    "Refresh your career" for Infosys BPO in Lodz was directed to employees of competing companies. It's good when your employer provides cold beverages on a hot afternoon.
    Odśwież swoją karierę


    For the City of Lodz, we designed and produced a promo folder in the form of a deck of cards. It presented the best festivals, academic and social initiatives, as well as famous people from Lodz.
  • JD 100%

    JD 100%

    Social Campaign against designer drugs
    JD 100%
  • Chocolate?


    The "This is not chocolate" social action is a grassroots initiative of our agency, regarding the problem of dog poos in the city. The action echoed through the press, TV and the Internet. It was also the subject of many radio programmes.
  • Gimme' Sugar - Social Campaign

    Gimme' Sugar - Social Campaign

    Diabetes is a serious disease affecting millions of people worldwide. Although diabetes leads to hard complications there are many people that do not wven know they are sick. "Gimme Sugar" goal was to change it.
    Oddaj Cukier - Kampania Społeczna